A selection of air to air heat pumps from various manufacturers

All air to air heat pumps will have an outdoor component called the condenser unit, with all manufacturers offerings looking very similar. There are however many different styles of indoor units that are available. Lets take a look at the most common types on offer, with some recommendations on the different models available

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This heat pump has a high heat output

If you are looking for a high efficiency wall mounted system, Mitsubishi offer the SRKZJX models. For instance the SRK25ZJX-S model has a very high heat output and good COP rating.

Fujitsu low wall air conditioner

If you are looking for a low wall indoor unit heat pump Fujitsu offer a excellent range with three models available. These are most suited to residential applications such as conservatories or small offices. They offer a stylish and discrete indoor unit, with the outdoor condenser unit being able to be located up to 15 meters distance.

LG Libero mirror air conditioning

LG offer a different type of wall mounted air conditioner and heat pump compared to other manufacturers. Most indoor wall units are encased in a white plastic outer case, where as the LG Libero mirror model offers a more stylish gun metal stylish indoor unit the compliments modern décor.

The Etherea inverter air conditioner

The Panasonic Etherea range are another stylish wall heat pump system that offer a number of unique features. They for instance have what is known as an ECO-Navi patrol sensor, this works out the number of human occupants in the room from the built in movement sensor and adjusts the output of the indoor unit accordingly.

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