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Air heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as a solution to office heating and cooling, with many companies using theses systems to provide complete year round heating and cooling. Traditionally offices have relied on electric types of heating systems,with the ever increasing cost of electricity these are an expensive way to heat the office compared to using an air source heat pump system.

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Typically using an air source heat pump to provide heating can work out to be up to three times more economical than compared to an electric fan heating system. Another positive benefit to using these systems is the tax breaks that are available from government in recognition of the energy savings and greener carbon footprint that these systems provide. So not only do you save money in running costs but also you receive financial benefits from the government.

Air heat pumps consist of an indoor component and an outdoor condenser unit. The energy efficiencies of the system are obtained with the ability of the outdoor unit being able to extract heat from the air surrounding it. This is absorbed into the refrigerant circuit of the outdoor unit, the refrigerant is transferred to be used as heat at the indoor unit / units via copper pipes carrying the refrigerant  

Eco friendly air heat pumps Wall heat pump Mitsubishi SRK35ZJ-S

One of the most popular styles of air heat pumps are the wall mounted indoor units types as seen here - All the major manufacturers make this type of model.

These types of heat pumps and air conditioners have four main functions that you may not realise - Efficient heating and cooling is available, also fan only to provide a flow of air through the office area and dehumidification to control the amount of condensation and damp in the air.

What do we do in winter to heat our premises? There is still a miss conception that air conditioning systems purely cool. Nearly all types these days will heat and also cool giving you the option to install these types of devices without having to use any other form of heating in the building. The most common types we see fitted in smaller offices are the wall mounted indoor units connected to either a single or part of a multiple system. For example you may have a wall mounted unit fitted into an enclosed managers office and this will provide all the heating and cooling the office requires.

How often should we clean the filters an our air conditioning system? There is no definite answer to this however a minimum should be at least every 2-3 months, which would be for a clerical type office. Going to the opposite extreme if you had an air conditioner fitted in a hair saloon the answer would be clean the filters every week, due to the amount of loose hair that would build up on the filters.

A common question we get asked is in heating mode how often will an air source heat pump go into defrost mode? This is not a straightforward question to answer as it will depend on the outside air temperature and also the relative humidity of the air. In general the colder it is the more often the system will go into defrost mode. The principle of air heat pumps means that in heating mode cold air is displaced at the outdoor unit and hence over a period of time the system will need to melt the formed ice on the outdoor condenser unit in order to continue heating effectively at the indoor unit. Typically though you will be looking at a system having to go into defrost mode every 6 hours when the outside air temperature is around 0° centigrade.

Other types of heating can be considered for heating commercial and business premises. Companies such as Saturn Sales sell a wide range of heaters suitable for this purpose. They sell a wide range of commercial electric heaters that are suitable for all styles of business premises.

In our opinion it’s better to look at established manufactures for commercial heaters such as the UK manufacturer Broughton who produce a wide range of heating products. One of their most popular heaters is their FF13 fan heater. This heater is ideal for heating smaller industrial premises, it can also have ducting fitted to duct warm air to various parts of the premises.

With the weather becoming colder business owners will often leave the purchase of a suitable premises heater until the last minute and then often purchase the wrong heater for the application. Hence it is better to seek advice as to which is going to be the most suitable heating product. As an example if you have an industrial unit of say 1000 square feet you may want only background heating. There are numerous choices of heaters for this type of premises however some may be more suitable than others, an example would be a lack of adequate ventilation that would rule out using propane or diesel type heaters. In this particular case an electrically powered heater would be the best option with models such as the Broughton FF12 heater available. This well-built heater offers 12 kilowatts heat output and also has variable thermostatic control built into the heater.

Many car garages have open plan workspaces where repairs on motor vehicles are undertaken these spaces are often poorly heated and difficult to keep warm in the winter. Some form of background heating is essential to keep the area warm. There are a number of different styles of workshop heaters available to suit heating this type of area these include gas propane heaters and halogen heaters. The main benefit of using halogen heaters is that the heat can be directed to the area in which mechanics are working to keep them warm, also they still provide a useful heat output even in draughty areas.

Premises used as workshops by engineering companies are difficult to effectively heat and require a powerful heater of robust design that can withstand day to day wear encountered in such environments. There are a wide variety of commercial electric fan heaters available, one of the best suppliers of such equipment is Saturn Sales based in the UK. They sell as an example a full range of propane space heaters from manufactures such as Clarke that offer effective heating for engineering premises.

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